ETP Plant
ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant) aids in eliminating contaminations from wastewater as well as industrial effluent. These remove all suspended solids, bacteria and organic wastes from the water.
Sewage Water Treatment Plant
Water Treatment Plants aid to increase the quality of water to make it more suitable for specific end-use. These eradicate contaminants as well as undesirable components from the water.
MS Fabricated Bridge
The Fabricated Bridges are built employing shop-fabricated truss systems and are designed employing typical details to arrangethe site-specific plan. These come with different shapes as well as plate girders.
Water Softener
Water softeners help in the removal of calcium, magnesium, and many other metal cationspresent in hard water. These unitsareemployed to soften water, by eliminating the minerals that make water hard.
ETP Tank